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Unleash your inner rebel with Trippprs, where darkness meets denim and rebellion rocks leather. We’re not your average clothing brand; we’re a revolution for the misfits, the dreamers, and the unapologetically bold. Dive into a world of gothic lace-up cargo pants, ripped y2k denim flares dripping with attitude, and sleek, statement-making leather trousers that scream punk rock royalty. Forget trends, embrace your individuality. Patchwork your persona with our rebellious spirit, and let your dark side shine with every stitch. This ain’t just clothing; it’s a battle cry for those who dare to be different. Are you ready to join the movement? Shop Tripprs now and let your attire do the talking.

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The cobblestone streets whisper secrets in the dead of night, their echoes pregnant with the clink of silver chains and the soft rustle of lace.…

"Gothic elegance is found in the subtlety of our rebellion. Dare to be different, for conformity is the true darkness."

About Us

We are a passionate team of individuals who embrace the darker side of fashion and express ourselves through unique and enchanting designs. Our love for gothic aesthetics and a desire to provide fellow enthusiasts with exceptional clothing options led to the creation of our online platform.


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